Love – One Day at a Time

Inspiring thoughts to form deep and meaningful relationships



How do you build a lasting relationship? How do you keep the flame of love alive, day after day? Building a relationship is an ongoing process that requires empathy, patience and sometimes, really hard work. In an ever-changing world of passing fads, developing something durable and meaningful requires a stedfast promise to ourselves. No matter what occurs, we’ll stay together and help each other along the way.

Love – One Day at a Time is written in a page-a-day format, and is meant to be a source of inspiration for those who believe in love. In reading these pages, you will find the courage and the clarity required to deepen your commitment and to enhance the pleasure which emanates from this very primary relationship.

A loving relationship can give us life, vitality and self assurance. And as you read through this book, whether or not you are currently in a relationship, you will find that Love – One Day at a Time can be of great help.

Author:  Marc Alain
Release date: 25/04/2018
ISBN: 978-1-77286-058-0
Number of pages: 376
Format: 12.7 × 17.5 cm
Editor: Modus Vivendi

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