Hockey Quiz Book

500 questions to relive the high points of hockey history and test your knowledge!


• Which NHL team was the first to have a mascot?
• Which number did goaltender Martin Biron wear for a short period at the start of his career with the Buffalo Sabres in 1998?
• Which is the only NHL team with the captain’s “C” on the right side of the jersey?
• Which player in the NHL holds the record for the most goals scored in one game?
• In how many seasons during his long NHL career did Gordie Howe score 20 goals or more?

Hockey Quiz Book traces the history of hockey: key facts, anecdotes, championships, players’ records, unusual incidents, statistics, innovations and more. Much more than a tribute to Canada’s national sport, Hockey Quiz Book is a genuine anthology that highlights the most illustrious athletes and teams of all times.

With Hockey Quiz Book, your enjoyment is bound to go into overtime!

Author:  Louis-Luc Beaudoin
Release date: 17/10/2018
ISBN: 978-1-77286-092-4
Number of pages: 288
Format: 23 × 18 cm
Editor: Modus Vivendi