Happiness — One day at a time

Your personal path to happiness


What is happiness? Some say, it’s knowing and loving yourself as you are. Others argue it’s living in harmony with the world around you; being in the here and now. And finally, some believe happiness is choosing a middle path, and avoiding the chaos of extremes.

So how do you define happiness—and where do you find it and how do you hang on to it? In Happiness—One Day at a Time, Marc Alain explores the true nature of this emotion.

As you read the daily meditations and inspirational thoughts, the author sets you on a voyage of discovery. In a short period of time, you realize that happiness is not elusive nor difficult to attain. It’s really a very personal framework that you design and build. This framework becomes your guide, your touchstone, and simply your path to finding true happiness.

With these daily affirmations, there can be significant personal breakthroughs in perceptions, in self-honesty, in relationships, and in the social world around you.

Author:  Marc Alain
Release date: 12/04/2017
ISBN: 978-1-77286-056-6
Number of pages: 384
Format: 17.5 × 12.7 cm
Editor: Modus Vivendi