Stéphanie Côté
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Stéphanie Côté

Stéphanie is a nutritionist at the University of Montreal’s nutrition reference center Extenso and for the website Naître et grandir. Ten years ago, when she was pregnant with her first child, she started specializing in nutrition for children. Since then, her roles as a mother and nutritionist have been mutually feeding each other.

Stéphanie is both a nutritionist and a communicator, basically because she has never been able to choose. In 2000, she won first prize in the Fernand-Seguin bursary, which recognizes accomplishments in scientific journalism. Since then she has appeared on television, radio, in print and on the web. Stéphanie has had the privilege of learning from the greats, both in journalism and in cooking, in particular Ricardo Larrivée. She owes him a debt of gratitude for a great part of this book.

One of Stéphanie’s wishes, or perhaps even missions, is to share the pleasure of eating well with young and old. It seems to be working, because according to her children Laura and Benjamin, “It’s fun having a mother who is a nutritionist, because we like what we eat.”

Stéphanie is a keen athlete, which is why she has developed expertise in the area. She and Philippe Grand co-wrote, Sports Nutrition, part of the Know What to Eat collection. Besides, there is a connection between sports and children, because being a mother keeps you running! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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