Nathalie Verret
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Nathalie Verret

As a dietitian working in a hospital environment, Nathalie Verret counsels patients every day who are coping with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. She uses a positive approach in her consultations that makes it easier for patients to adopt long-term eating habits. She advocates a Mediterranean-type diet, which is now universally recognized by experts in the field of nutrition.

Since 2003, Nathalie has been hosting conferences on nutrition for the general public as well as various enterprises.

She is the author of the book Osez bien manger (Dare To Eat Well) published in 2009 by Modus Vivendi. This book won the 2009 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for French Canada in the Best Nutrition and Health Book category. In collaboration with Louise Gagnon and Marianne Derenne, she also wrote the book Maladies cardiovasculaires (Cardiovascular disease), published by Modus Vivendi in 2013 as part of the Know What To Eat series and re-released in 2016. Both books are only available in French at the moment.

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