Isabelle Lambert
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Isabelle Lambert

Originally from France and a longtime resident of Quebec, Isabelle Lambert spends much of her time cooking. She likes to eat but what she particularly likes is introducing friends and family to new dishes and flavors.

Isabelle wanted to become a baker, but her family didn’t think it was a career for a woman, and, although her uncles work in the food industry, she is completely self-taught. Now she reads and researches the world of cooking in general and tests techniques until perfect.

People think Isabelle only likes desserts, but the truth is that her heart is torn between sweet and savory.

In any case, she will tell you that meals are not complete

unless they end with a sweet touch.

She loves the cooking of Canadian chefs, a source of constant reinvention, because they use quality local products and don’t do things just for show.

For the past 11 years, she has been sharing her recipes and thoughts with passion and generosity on her blog Les gourmandises d’Isa, which is read around the world. The pastry chef Patrice Demers predicted in the preface of her first book that it wasn’t the last we would be hearing from her. And he was right. She is back with a cookbook of juicy, delicious recipes, inspired by her incurable love of food.

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